About Us

Dave Eyerman

Liz Varney

Owners, Operators, Healers

Dave and Liz have been married for almost a decade and had the privilege of creating and operating Clear and Now Holistic Healing Center in the northern suburbs of Boston for 7 years before beginning to transition their lives to Western MA.


They are delighted to bring their unique brands of healing to Belchertown and its surrounding communities.


They pride themselves in creating a healing space filled with authenticity, integrity, joy, humor, and acceptance. 


Dave Eyerman, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist

Shamanic Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

With a strong background in math and science, Dave brings a grounded approach to spiritual practice and personal healing.

A former computer programmer and high school math teacher, Dave has found his deepest joy is helping individuals learn, grow, and step into fuller, more empowered versions of themselves.

His approach to health and well-being is rooted in Buddhism and is accented by Chinese Medicine, Shamanism, and the Akashic Records. He seamlessly integrates wisdom from these various disciplines into each session.

He looks through the lens that all things are connected - mind, body, heart, and soul. Whatever brings a client in the door, he looks to understand them from the largest possible perspective and treats the root imbalance in their system.


Liz Varney

Holistic Life Coach

Intuitive Reader

Liz's experience spans from clinical psychology to intuitive reader and medium. She considers her area of expertise focused on the journey of the soul. 

Her combined education and experience of psychology and spirituality have steered her away from her the limitations of LICSW background, to embrace a more all encompassing spiritual perspective which includes exploring the purpose of life, faith, possibility. 


Her social work background spans from social services, addictions treatment, community mental health, and finally private practice.


Her spiritual pursuits have lead her to become an Akashic Records Reader and Teacher. She offers intuitive development and mentorship. She continues her spiritual exploration by researching paranormal claims with a team of investigators at the Paranormal Odyssey Investigations, LLC. She views all things spiritual through a balanced lens of psychology, skepticism, faith, and possibility.