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Shamanic Acupuncture

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Full-Person Medicine

*In-person Sessions Available*

Acupuncture is a type of body and energy work that includes using tiny needles to help your energy flow in a more balanced and consistent way. Adding in a healing drumbeat, rattle, or shamanic journey provides additional power to the acupuncture treatments, as we consciously work with the spirits supporting you on your journey.

Dave's approach is to understand your current symptoms from the biggest perspective possible, so he may treat the root imbalance in your life. His treatments combine care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

While each treatment is tailored to your current symptoms, sessions will also keep the big picture of your life in mind. Dave's goal is not only to have your immediate symptoms ease, but to set you up so they don't come back in the future.

In a shamanic acupuncture session with Dave, together we will discover the deepest source of your discomfort. We will identify the root imbalance in your mind-body-soul and address it, bringing all aspects of who you are into healthy alignment.

The shamanic element of these treatments comes through in a few ways.

First, since the heart of shamanism invites you to embrace your birthright to be fully authentic, fully alive, and deeply connected to the world around you, our discussion will focus on where and why this has gone awry for you, and how you can reconnect with your wholeness.

In addition, once the acupuncture needles have been inserted, I will drum or rattle to more deeply understand the spiritual nature of what's going on for you. This drumming/rattling will open the lines of communication with your guides and spiritual support team, so they can share what other spiritual steps are needed to help you come back into balance, health, and peace.


They may indicate it's the time for a specific shamanic healing, such as an extraction or soul retrieval, or they may direct specific drumming and rattling to help things realign in your system.

Have questions? Email Dave.

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