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Winter Solstice Acupuncture Happy Hour
Thursday, December 21st6:00pm
at Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA

Experience a different kind of Happy Hour and honor this powerful and magical day in Earth's year cycle.

With the gentle and powerful combination of acupuncture and a guided meditation, you will come into alignment with the stillness of the day, see what teachings it has to offer you, and empower you to use it as launching pad for this coming year.

The happy hour is not only relaxing and healing, it is also a great way to connect with your most natural self.


Mindfulness Meditation Series
Thursdays in January6:00pm
Both Online *and* in-person at Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA

Mindfulness Meditation invites us to be still, quiet, and embrace our "being" side, granting us the necessary balance of pause to our habitual "doing" life.

In the shadow of the holiday intensity and deep in the stillness of winter, come explore what meditation is and how it can help you cultivate greater inner peace, self-awareness, and calm to live your best life.

Each week will include a guided mindfulness meditation as well as a short dharma talk about the fundamentals of this practice.


Embracing Winter's Wisdom: A Shamanic Journey into Darkness
February 1st, 8th, 15th, 2024
Online via Zoom, offered through The Rowe Center

Deep in the depths of winter, darkness abounds. Step into the fullest version of yourself by embracing the darkness!

With the combined wisdom and power of shamanism and Chinese Medicine, this class will give you direct experience with the energy of winter, which holds soul medicine and great teachings for us, if we are brave enough to explore and welcome them in.


Connect with the Water element and the Spirits of the North. Discover the wisdom that can help you manage the dark and cold, be still and introspective, cultivate deep resources, relate to your own inner darkness with patience, and access your deepest soul wisdom.

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