Walking the Shamanic Path

Year-long Study of Shamanism


In-person group begins September 2021

Deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature in this year-long training in shamanism!

In this program, you will discover the shamanic side of yourself, understand your soul's journey, and learn to live with a greater appreciation and inclusion of the spiritual dimension of life. 


The entire year will be grounded in the perspective of interconnectedness. The first half will focus on shamanic techniques for connecting with yourself and the spirit world, and the second half will focus on shamanic healing techniques.

This will be a powerful, immersive, and potentially life-changing year.

Foundations of Shamanism
*Online Workshop*
Wednesday, June 30th, 6:30pm

Reconnect with your most native self and rediscover how to live in balance with beings everywhere with shamanism, mankind’s oldest medicine and spirituality.

Deeply embedded in this way of life are the principles of living in harmony with nature and leading a grounded spiritual life. In this workshop, you will get introduced to the foundations of shamanism and learn how you can practically apply these to your day-to-day life.

You will also learn one of shamanism’s primary tools of empowerment and discovery - the shamanic journey. You will learn how to journey on your own and meet your Power Animal. Further, you will learn how to use shamanic journeying to directly connect and communicate with all nature spirits.

Connect and Heal with the Spirits of Nature
Friday, July 9th, 6:30pm
Circles of 
Wisdom, Methuen, MA

While modern culture reinforces the idea that you are separate from the natural world, that connection cannot truly be severed.


This workshop help you reclaim that connection to the earth and teach you how to maintain it for continued healing and growth. When you realize your true existence on this planet, the entire world instantly becomes your partner and teacher.


This workshop will introduce you to shamanic techniques, including merging with nature beings for direct communication, divination for wisdom, and journeying for healing.

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