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Spiritual Sampler Series
12-week series - Drop in, or Purchase All-Access Pass!
Begins Tuesday, September 19th
Online via Zoom, 6:30 to 8:30 each night

We are, after over a decade in business together, finally teaching a class together!


Our Spiritual Sampler Series will offer 12 different classes on a wide variety of topics. You can select individual ones to be a part of, or sign up for the whole enchilada!

September 19: Meditation and Mindfulness (with Dave)

September 26: Intuition Basics and Practice (Liz)

October 3: Energy and the Law of Resonance (Dave)

October 10: Spiritual Realms of Energy and Vibrations (Liz)

October 17: Spirit Guides and Helpers (Dave)

October 24: Shamanism and Shamanic Practices (Dave)

October 31: Mediumship and Practice (Liz)

November 7: Ascended Masters, Deities, Goddess and Gods (Liz)

November 14: New Moon Energy (Liz and Dave)

November 21: Waxing and Waning Moons Energy (Liz and Dave)

November 28: Full Moon Energy (Liz and Dave)

December 5: Rituals and Ceremony (Liz and Dave)

Registration is available on Liz's website.


Acupuncture Happy Hour
Thursday, September 28th, 6:00pm
at Serenity Yoga and Wellness, Hadley, MA, or Online!

Experience a different kind of Happy Hour! Connect with the energy of the season with the gentle-yet-powerful combination of acupuncture and meditation! ​You will receive an acupuncture treatment and be guided in a meditation to align with, and harness, the powerful energy of autumn, as we focus on topics of embracing change and letting go with grace and gratitude.


​In addition to this being relaxing, it's a great way to honor connect with your most natural self.

For the first time, we are offering this as both an in-person and remote session! If you are unable to attend in person, or aren't quite sure about acupuncture, you can still take part of the teachings and guided meditation! Come connect with the spiritual teachings of autumn and discover how to incorporate them into your life!

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4-Week Meditation Exploration Series
Begins Thursday, October 26th
6:00 to 7:00 each night
at Serenity Yoga and Wellness, Hadley, MA, or Online!

In this 4-week series, explore different facets and styles of meditation. We will cover one each week, providing both teaching and practical experience with the theme for that week. This is a wonderful way to get grounded instruction on a variety of meditations and discover what works best for you!

Offered both in-person and online, no experience necessary. The only prerequisite is an open mind.


October 26: Mindfulness Meditation

November 2: Chakra Connection and Clearing

November 9: Meet a Spirit Guide

November 16: Pulling Out Past Pain

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