Healing Your Relationship With Your Past
Weekend Retreat
May 20 - 22, in Warwick, MA

This weekend workshop will help you find a new sense of peace and equanimity with your past. With the supportive power of nature and shamanism, you will learn to see your past as empowering you on your soulful journey, rather than full of things to regret, deny, or fear happening again.


Acupuncture Happy Hour
Thursday, June 23, 6pm
@Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA

Experience a different kind of Happy Hour! Connect with the energy of the season with a gentle-yet-powerful combination of acupuncture and meditation!

You will receive an acupuncture treatment while being guided in a meditation guiding you to connect with the energy of the season.


It's a great way to honor yourself and connect with your most natural self.

For June, we will meet right around the Summer Solstice and the night will focus on expanding into your fullest self, opening your heart, and embracing all the vibrancy of life.


Shamanic Season Series: Summer
Three Tuesdays, June 21, 28, July 5, 6:30pm
Online via Zoom

In this 3-week series, discover the deep teachings of the summer season. Summer is about full expansion and vibrant expression, open-heartedness, experiencing and embodying the fullness of life.


Grounded in the perspectives and wisdom of Shamanism and Chinese Medicine, you will learn how you can best dance along with the energy of summer. We will cover the different acupuncture channels associated with the season and what their strengths and weaknesses are.


You will discover how you can get the most out of these months, what the best self-care is as well as how to work with the greater spiritual and elemental forces present.

​Each class will contain both teachings, communal sharing, and a guided meditation or shamanic journey.

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