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Life Coaching

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Find Greater Fulfillment and Peace

*In-person and virtual sessions available*

Life coaching provides you the opportunity to take the next steps in your life with greater self-awareness and authenticity. Through challenges in life, you are afforded the chance to grow, evolve, and get clearer on who you really are. 

Working with either Dave or Liz will help you to this end. We share different, though overlapping, perspectives and routes to help you on your journey. Both of us consider ourselves to be supports for you, guiding you to a sense of clarity, empowerment, and purpose.

Dave's approach is rooted in his knowledge and experience with shamanism, mindfulness and Chinese medicine. His topics of interest and expertise include but are not limited to: the evolved man, anxiety, connection to nature, and the mind-body connection.

Liz's approach is rooted in her clinical psychotherapy background with a healthy mix of an intuitive and spiritual perspective. She most commonly helps clients address: addictive behaviors, relationship dynamics, communication skills, living authentically, soul perspective, intuitive development and unfolding.

Both Dave and Liz stress the importance of feeling comfortable with your coach. Whoever you choose to work with on your journey, it is vital that you feel it is a good fit for you at this point in your life.

Life coaching is offered in-person with Dave, or over the phone or via Zoom with either Dave or Liz.

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