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MELT Method


Science-Backed Self Care and Pain Free Living

*In-person and virtual sessions available*

We do not have to live in consistent pain and discomfort in our bodies! As a culture we have gotten accustomed to believe that pain is just a natural part of aging. As a result we can often dismiss taking care of ourselves when it shows up.

The MELT Method is science backed self care--a simple gentle self-treatment technique that boosts your body’s ability to heal by calming your nervous system and rehydrating your connective tissue. It uses large soft foam rollers and small rubber balls to return the body to a more ideal state and release dehydrated connective tissue, otherwise known as "stuck stress,” which causes pain, nervous system dysregulation and other health issues.

The health of our connective tissue is an essential aspect for our ability to thrive as a body. It is the environment where our cells live. Connective tissue surrounds every muscle, organ, bone, blood vessel, and nerve fiber in your body and makes all movement and function possible.

The health of this fluid system influences our sleep, digestion, stress, aging process, balance, ability to feel calm and grounded, mobility, injury prevention, and more.

MELTing is a supportive addition to any health regimen, whether you are recovering from an injury, supporting your active lifestyle, looking for ways to help your body destress, or wanting to age with more ease and less pain.  

MELT Method sessions with Sara teach you the foundational MELT Method sequences, so that you can MELT at home on your own.

1-1 Intro to MELT Session: 90 minutes and includes a small soft ball and bag $250
Book Here:

1-1 MELT Series: Package of 3 Sessions (initial 90 minute Intro session plus 2 Sessions (1hr each) $666
To Book: Email Sara

(*MELT Soft Foam Roller will be provided to use during the session. If you would like to purchase a roller to take home or a Soft Ball Hand and Foot Kit for at home use, please email Sara to arrange)

As a Level 2 MELT Method Instructor Sara is also available for group MELT Method workshops and collaborations for retreats.

More information about MELT is available:

Questions? Email Sara

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