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Nature intuitive Ana Maria Vasquez leads you into the landscape of remembrance, the era of which ancient teachings have spoken in her first book NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, and the third book in the Common Sentience book series.

In this extraordinary book, Ana Maria’s wisdom encourages you to ‘take it into your listening’ and open to the sentient world you are a part of. Recognize you are nature and why it’s important to have reverence, check your vibe, and ask permission to begin co-creating with the natural world.

In Part One: Understanding the Natural World, Ana Maria Vasquez shares how the mystical takes form in Nature and how Nature speaks to us.

In Part Two: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes read and revel as our sacred storytellers share their personal experiences with nature, the greatest teacher of all, including:

  • Dave's story about how a river nearly took his life, but instead birthed him anew

  • healing joy received from a plum tree.

  • rocks that transmute a woman’s fear into peace.

  • loving messages from nature allowing a sister to let her beloved brother go.

  • a sentinel tree witnessing a granddaughters’ short life.

  • tree spirits that lift a man’s heart and allow lightness and magic into his life.

  • a water spirit that requests collaboration for healing of the waters.


Part Three: Deepening Your Connection with Nature learn grounded processes that will move you into a state of presence, raising your vibration with grace and ease, so you can receive clear and concise messages from Nature. Practice forest bathing, stone gazing, sacred herbal baths, and work with a medicine wheel to deepen your relationship with our sacred allies.

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