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The Soul Reason, Volume One: The Human and The Soul

The history of your soul's journey is kept within the Akashic Records, a deeply sacred energy that can be accessed for insight and guidance. The Akashic perspective reminds you that you are walking this human life for a short time relative to the infinite energy of your soul. Recalling this innate wisdom provides you greater understanding of your life's experiences and their role in your evolution.


Liz Varney, LICSW infuses her knowledge of clinical psychotherapy with her work as an intuitive reader of the Akashic Records to create the first in her series of spiritually-informed self-help books. This series is designed to empower you to cast away societal norms and expectations and discover what is truly authentic to your soul. When you engage in the true nature of your life's journey, you remember The Soul Reason why you are here.


This book provides you direct access to the wisdom of the Akashic Records. Learn how “symptoms” may be your soul's language prompting you to care for yourself better. Understand energy management and its role in your mental, physical, and spiritual health.


As you see yourself through the lens of your soul, you gain greater compassion for all that is. Embracing an Akashic view of your life can help you move on from the past with peaceful acceptance and approach the present moment with confident serenity.

The Soul Reason, Volume One: The Human and The Soul

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