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The Soul Reason, Volume Two: Soulful Relationships

The history of your soul's journey is kept within the Akashic Records, a deeply sacred energy that can be accessed for insight and guidance. The Akashic perspective reminds you that you are walking this human life for a short time relative to the infinite energy of your soul. Recalling this innate wisdom provides you greater understanding of your life's experiences and their role in your evolution.

Liz Varney, LICSW infuses her knowledge of clinical psychotherapy with her work as an intuitive reader of the Akashic Records to create this series of spiritually-informed self-help books. This series is designed to empower you to discover what is truly authentic to your soul. When you engage in the true nature of your life's journey, you remember The Soul Reason why you are here.

Volume Two will help you see the soulful nature of your relationships. Each person comes into your life to help you reclaim who you truly are. Regardless of the labels placed on your relationships, they are all teaching you valuable lessons to deepen your soulful understanding of yourself.

This book will help you shed societal norms and beliefs about relationships and explore how your relationships are part of your soul's agenda to learn. Discover how your interactions with others are mutually agreed upon meetings, or Soul Contracts, that are intended for healing, learning, and growing. Writing prompts are offered throughout this book to assist you in gaining insight into your unique journey. Develop greater compassion for yourself and find empowerment to act from your soul's truth as you embrace life with soulful clarity.

The Soul Reason, Volume Two: Soulful Relationships

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