Individual Sessions

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Life Coaching

*Phone, Video, and In-Person Sessions Offered*

Life coaching is a talk-based counseling service in which you can address any area of your life that you would like better insight, skills or to develop goals and stay accountable. 

Dave's life coaching is informed by his history in shamanic practices, mindfulness meditation and Chinese medicine. His gentle guidance will offer perspective and feedback for you to establish a greater sense of wellbeing in all that you experience in your walk through life.


Dave's topics of interest and expertise include but are not limited to: coming of age, the evolved man, anxiety and grounding, interconnectedness, mind-body connection.

Liz's life coaching is informed by her clinical psychotherapy background and is mixed with an intuitive and spiritual perspective. Her compassionate approach will guide you in finding the kindness for yourself as you develop greater skills and new perspective to your struggles.


Liz's topics of interest and expertise include but are not limited to: addictive behaviors, relationship dynamics, communication skills, living authentically, soul perspective, intuitive development and unfoldment. 



*In-Person Sessions Available*

Acupuncture is a type of body and energy work that includes using tiny needles to help your energy flow in a more balanced and consistent way.

Dave's approach is to understand your current symptoms from the biggest perspective possible, so he may treat the root imbalance in your life. His treatments combine care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

While each treatment is tailored to your current symptoms, sessions will also keep the big picture of your life in mind. Dave's goal is not only to have your immediate symptoms ease, but to set you up so they don't come back in the future.

Your first session will include a full history of your physical and mental health history as well as an acupuncture treatment. Follow up sessions include brief coaching along with a treatment.


Spiritual Guidance

*Phone, Video, and In-Person Sessions Offered*

All of our services are deeply informed by our studies and learning of the Akashic Records.


Your Akashic Records are the history of your soul's journey. The premise behind the Akashic is that you are a soul walking in this human life in order to help your soul learn, heal, evolve and grow.

"Reading" the Akashic Records is an art in which we use our intuition to access information for your highest good and healing. During an Akashic Reading, you will come with a list of question (non-predictive) about your past and current experiences to gain greater insight about your soul's perspective on these events.

Each reading will be guided with love, support, and healing for you. Clients often leave an Akashic Reading with a sense of being seen on a very deep level, have a greater sense of peace, and feel a deeper connection to self. 

Both Dave and Liz offer Akashic Readings, each adding in their own unique intuitive perceptions. We always encourage you to use you "gut wisdom" when choosing an intuitive reader, and to feel empowered to take away only the information that feels right for you.


Shamanic Healing

*Phone, Video, and In-Person Sessions Offered*

At your core, you are a part of the nature and core spirituality of the planet. Shamanic healing allows you to reclaim the fullness of your being, incorporating all aspects of yourself into one cohesive whole.

Whether it's healing from trauma experienced in this lifetime or others, or reconnecting with your wild self, shamanic healing provides deep spiritual healing and reconnects you with your most authentic and true self.

The specific techniques of Extractions, Soul Retrievals, and Power Animal Retrievals all support the process of you becoming fully whole.