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Somatic Integration


Space for Your Body and Being to Come into Coherence

*In-person and virtual sessions available*

Taking place either on a table in the office, outside on the land or in a virtual healing room, Somatic Integration sessions are a one-on-one hands on healing experience to help you strengthen your ability to sense your self and your essence, release and integrate old patterns and stuckness at the physical and energetic levels and find more comfort, safety and space in your body/organism.

As we live, our experiences, energies (our own and others’!), emotions, ancestral patterns, etc, stack up and stay stuck in our bodies undigested, unless we provide the space and time for physical and energetic processing and recalibration. 

Particularly in the world we live in right now, where there is a great deal stirred up (emotion, fear, urgency, responsibility, tragedy, etc), taking space for ourselves and allowing our body to express is essential for us to come into equilibrium and sense harmony. 

If we experience consistent pain, discomfort, repetitive patterns of behavior and thought, anxiety, depression, experience different big emotions/moods, are not able to express emotion, struggle with setting boundaries, feel stuck/trapped, or have experienced an upsetting event (like a car accident or injury) etc.,  we may benefit from a space to allow for integration at the body level. 

Additionally, if we are in an expansion in our life in some way (in relationships, business, family, etc)  we also benefit from strengthening our physical and energetic systems’ capacity to hold more layers and complexities. 

A Somatic Integration Session is your opportunity to create that space.

Sara’s work is rooted in the foundation that our biological organism (the body) is highly intelligent and self organizing, meaning given the right kind of environment, time and space our systems are designed to come back into synergy and alignment organically. 

A Somatic Integration Session is a space that allows for a deeper connection with the whole of who you are, underneath the conditioning and patterns and provides a place to compassionately meet the “uncomfortable” (sensations, feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc) we carry to allow them to unfurl and express. It facilitates a rewiring and repatterning at the nervous system level to support you wherever you are on your path.

Synthesizing what Sara has learned from her teachers and mentors, her work in Somatic Experiencing, Psychosynthesis, MELT, energy medicine, Infinity Healing, the quantum field, and her own deep healing experiences, Sara holds the space and time for you and your Body and Being to come into coherence so that you can take that frequency with you as you move forward on your journey.

Most sessions include check in conversation, MELTing, hands on table work, oracle card pull and closing processing and conversation.  

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