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The Soul Reason Series

By Liz Varney

The Akashic Records are a spiritual concept that refers to the record of your soul's journey, specifically, what your soul is intending to learn during your human life.


Over the course of the past several years, I have conducted hundreds of Akashic Records readings both over email and live in-person! As I experienced these intuitive readings, it became clear that some themes, lessons, understandings, and perspectives are universal and, if shared, I would be able to many more souls than I can fit into my schedule.

By using this Akashic perspective, and combining it with my 20 years of experience as a social worker and psychotherapist, I have created this spiritually-based self-help book series to support you in your growth and evolution.

I have organized these basic themes and the real-life applications of these concepts into four different books to create a complete series of learning from the Akashic.

Within each book, I include real questions from my clients and the answers provided from the Akashic to help you understand how to apply these concepts in your life so, you too can remember why you are here!​​​

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Volume One:
The Human and The Soul

Volume One is all about you. You will be introduced to the Akashic Records and what it means to be on a "soul journey." Along with excerpts of Akashic Readings, I will guide you in deepening your understanding of what it takes to truly care for your mind, body, and soul.


As we explore your physical and mental health, you will develop a better understanding for how your mind and body are teaching you important lessons about your energy. Through the language of the Akashic, you will gain mastery over grounding, releasing, and maintaining your energy to support your optimal wellness. You will learn how to listen to your "symptoms" as a way to communicate better with your soul. Each topic includes tips and activities to consider incorporating into your self-care routine to support your ongoing health. 


It is my deepest hope that you will find new inspiration, enhanced awareness, and new meaning for your life's experiences by remembering The Soul Reason you are here. As you embrace this deep remembering, you are certain to find greater compassion and peace for your life, helping you move forward with more grace and contentment! 

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Volume Two:
Soulful Relationships

Volume Two will help you see the soulful nature of your relationships. Each person comes into your life to help you reclaim who you truly are. Regardless of the labels placed on your relationships, they are all teaching you valuable lessons to deepen your soulful understanding of yourself.

This book will help you shed societal norms and beliefs about relationships and explore how your relationships are part of your soul's agenda to learn. Discover how your interactions with others are mutually agreed upon meetings, or Soul Contracts, that are intended for healing, learning, and growing. Writing prompts are offered throughout this book to assist you in gaining insight into your unique journey. Develop greater compassion for yourself and find empowerment to act from your soul's truth as you embrace life with soulful clarity.

Volume Two is available on Amazon

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Volume Three:
Creating Your Soulful Life

Volume Three helps you explore what your soul is here to do! Whether you consider it your employment, your life's work, your legacy, or your acts of creation, this Volume helps you center yourself into your soul in order to assist you in expressing who you truly are into the world.


Every soul being is a creature of great imagination, creativity, and invention. When you allow yourself to reclaim this amazing part of you, you will see that your life - in all of its ups and downs-  as been the classroom for you to learn about the soulful gifts you are here to express.

Volume Three is now available on Amazon

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Coming Soon:

Volume Four: Connecting to Your Own Records... and Beyond!

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