Deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature in this year-long training in shamanism!

In this program, you will discover the native spiritual side of yourself, understand your soul's journey, and learn to live with a greater appreciation and partnership with all of life's beings.


The entire year will be grounded in the perspective of interconnectedness. The first half will focus on shamanic techniques for connecting with yourself and the spirit world, and the second half will focus on shamanic healing techniques.

This will be a powerful, immersive, and potentially transformative year.

Walking The Shamanic Path

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Walk the rest of your life armed with the perspective and power of Shamanism!

Shamanism is mankind's oldest spirituality and medicine, firmly rooted in the principles that everything is indelibly connected and Spirit can be seen and related to in all things everywhere. Shamanism provides the tools and framework to work with Spirit (and spirits) for ​the betterment of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Our modern-day culture has promoted the opposite principles - those of separation and materialism. As wise and as intelligent as we have become and with all the things we have accomplished, we have been conditioned out of our deepest sense of connection with each other and the planet. Shamanism offers a pathway back to a sense of belonging, of healthy relationship, of grounded spirituality.

Walking the Shamanic Path will introduce and reinforce these most basic spiritual understandings, and offer you experience applying them to your life. We will cover a wide array of shamanic practices and techniques, but the underlying theme of the year will reinforce the teachings of being interconnected with all beings everywhere.


The first half of the training will cover a wide base of​ understanding of shamanic principles and techniques for applying those principles and tools to enhance your day-to-day life. In addition to shamanic journeying, you will also be introduced to techniques allowing you to directly communicate with spirits in ordinary waking life, including Divination, working with the Elements, opening a Medicine Wheel, and merging with spirits.

The second half of the training will be focused on shamanic healing work, including Extractions, Soul Retrievals, and Power Animal Retrievals. You will learn how to use these techniques safely and appropriately to better your life and the lives of others. Even if you are not a healer, or wish not to become one, these techniques are invaluable additions to your self-care toolkit. If you are already working as a healer, this training will greatly deepen your understanding and approach to the work you already do.


Each class will consist of council, lecture, and experiences with each of the topics we cover. You will have homework between classes which will include both journeying and practical steps to ground your life in the shamanic way.​


While you will be able to offer shamanic healing to others after taking this training, this is not a shaman certification course. The term "shaman" is a term given to an individual by their community and is appropriate only in that context. This training does not make you a shaman. This training is about the tools, techniques, and viewpoints of shamanism, which are available to us all. 

Taken seriously, this truly is a powerful training that holds the potential to transform how you see yourself and the world.

Class Outline:

Class 1: Foundations in Interconnection, Journeying, Power Animals

Get grounded in the shamanic perspective of life, learn how to journey, and meet your Power Animal. Begin to explore all of life through the lens of relationship.

Class 2: An Expanded World View - The Shamanic Landscape 

Further explore journeying to the Lower and Upper Worlds. Meet an Upper World Teacher, and connect with the Elements and Directions. Learn how to open a Medicine Wheel.

Class 3: Walking the Path of Interconnection

All of Spirit's beings are here to come fully alive. How do you become fully alive, fully you? Discover your Soul Song, and learn the art of Divination and communication with nature spirits in Ordinary Reality.

Class 4: The Middle World

Spend the day in the Middle World, connecting with and learning from Dheva spirits, Weather spirits, Protectors of the Land, Elementals, and other residents of this plane.

Class 5: Psychopomp: Death and Dying

Learn about the shamanic view of birth, death, and transition, and how to help souls move from one plane of existence to the next.

Class 6: Shamanic Healing Work Basics

Get grounded in the basics of what it means to do shamanic healing work. We will focus on permission, healthy boundaries, working from your Soul Self, and what "protection" truly means and looks like. Learn about energy clearing and how to do healing shamanic journeys for others.

Class 7: Understanding and Healing The Soul's Journey, Power Animal Retrievals

Discover the big picture view of your journey here in this life, and the basics of helping course-correct yourself and others who are not living their fullest, most authentic life. Learn to perform Power Animal Retrievals, a tool to help others regain power animals they once had and subsequently "lost."

Class 8: Extractions and Soul Retrievals

Learn how to safely and properly clear foreign energies out of someone's system. Learn the shamanic perspective on trauma, and how to help yourself and others reclaim soul fragments lost in space and time. You will learn not only why these spiritual ailments happen, but also how to prevent them from repeating later in life.

Class 9: Healing Ancestral Karma

Deepen your understanding of how you fit into life and some of the historical issues you carry. Learn to journey through time to help clear your ancestral line of wounds passed through the generations.

Class 10: Ceremony, Advanced Topics, Other Ways to Journey​

How do you continue to walk the shamanic path in your day-to-day life?